The way of working of, so called "EX abilities" and their benefit

There are a lot of beginners in Battlerite and there is a think that surprises them all - "EX system" - the mechanic of the game that is very critical for a correct play, ignorance of it makes you non-competitive with those , who knows about it.

If "EX system" if something new for you, so that page is for exactly for you. Here you can find everything important about this "hooded" mechanic - the usage of it will immediately increase your skills.

So, What is this - "EX system"?

Everything starts from energy.

You can find so-called Energy Gain in nearly every ability. Skillshot - lacking abilities are the only exceptions, that mostly contain abilities that can be self-casted or unit-target abilities. Just imagine the situation when Poloma gets energy every time she uses "Other Side" or each usage of invisibility will bring energy for Croak. Just a nightmare, isn't it?

Each ability that contains Energy Gain will bring you energy for every successfully hit target. For instance: one Aska's Firestorm will bring you 7% per missile, as he throws three, so he can get up to 21% if he would hit all three. Each player that is in the radius of Sirius's - Lunar Strike will bring him 5%.


The energy bar is separated into 4 parts, each part  includes 25%, that summary becomes 100%. Inspiration ( the fourth round battlerite ) increases energy for additionally 25%, so totally it's 5 parts. This blocks are the main thing for understanding and developing the "EX system".

What "EX system" means? Shortly "EX abilities" is a substitution of your main abilities, except the costage of energy for their usage. (Even though the ability is under the R slot, I think that it remains the "EX ability" just because it needs energy for cast).

It doesn't have any matter if you are in the match or just selecting your champion, you are able to press Shift in order to see "EX abilities" of your hero. Mostly Heroes have two "EX abilities", although some heroes that have an unfinished design or if the second "EX ability" seems needless - such heroes might have only one "hidden" ability.

In general, a price for one "EX ability" is 1 energy block, however there are such skills as Ashkas's Searing Fire and Iva's Flame Thrower that are more expensive - 2 blocks of energy.


And the main thing is that "EX abilities" have the same cooldowns as the main abilities, that is why usage of "EX ability" will substitute the normal ability. However, cooldowns aren's always same, for example - Ashka's Molten Fist normally has 9 seconds of cooldown, but its EX version has 8 seconds of the cooldown, and Rook's Pummel normally has no cooldown at all , by the way in the EX version its 1 second.

It is very easy to cast "EX abilities" : Press and hold Shift + hotkey of the normal ability. Or the usage of direct hotkeys are also possible - press 1,2,3 and 4 if you didn't change it in settings and appoint in order. ( M2 and Q are two Jade's abilities, so 1-EX-M2 and 2-EX-Q. ) It doesn't mean that each hero will have 4 "EX abilities", though it is possible

The importance of "EX abilities" system

You can't even realize the whole importance of this "hidden" abilities.

It makes gameplay much  deeper. Before the lifting of the beta NDA, was a lot of complainings about that all 5 abilities + energy ability + ultimate would not let to show all that you deserve.This "hooded" system adds two additional  abilities for  each hero, and an alternative way of usage your energy, that  makes a game much deeper.

You can easily achieve G10 or even G12 without even using the "EX system", mostly if "EX abilities" of your hero aren't useful. Newcomers can be satisfied just by main abilities, and then, after achieving a certain level of playing they are able to strengthen their skills by exploring "EX abilities".


"EX system" allows balancing heroes and your individual abilities more subtle. Keep in mind that cooldowns in Battlerite are manaless. Often there are such situations when you need something like mana during balancing of skill — that is how you can shorten a number of times that you use it, or leastwise make it more expensive, without changing the cooldown. That's how the energy goes.

Let's consider it on the example of Croak's EX-camouflage. The next attack after using this skill will break your invisibility, but it will also stun the enemy. It makes this ability stronger than other normal abilities, but still not so powerful as an ultimate one, so it makes it an ideal applicant for "EX system".

Also let's consider Lucie, who's strong point is a control of a crowd and weak point is mobility. If you add a quick-dodge ability to her main list of abilities, it would make her very strong and at the every time she would be too breakable without it — here you can see the whole importance of Roll in the R slot. Unfortunately, it can't be used whenever you want, however, it supports when a real hazard comes, at the price that delays her ultimate.


Keep in mind, that "EX abilities" are weaker than ultimate ones, however also less perilous. Haven't you ever had such situation when you cancel the Whirlwind as Shifu by using Kunju. I had and I still ashamed of it. Unfortunately, a canceled ultimate will exhaust full energy, and it will also set your ultimate on cooldown, which also sounds not so sweet. It can be too risky.

At the same time miscasted "EX ability" is not such bad as ultimate one. It is possible to waste Poloma's EX-Spirit Rift, however, it is pleasure to know that it would take only one block of energy instead of all. To sum it up the usage of "EX abilities" are less risky since you still have enough energy. The cost of failure is not so great.

Not all "EX abilities" are equal

Some "EX abilities" are much better in comparison to others, even if they have the same energy value. Often the mechanical value of the "EX ability" differs from the value for a certain hero.

As you can see, some "EX abilities" are extremely important for a champion, because without using them you would become a victim. And, at the same time, there are such weak and needless "EX abilities" that it is possible that you will never use them.

Here are some samples

Example: LUCIE


Lucie is a bright example of a hero, that certainly needs "EX abilities"

Crippling Goo, her ultimate, is very strong, but at the same time , very occasionally. If you don't cast it in time, the opponent will be able to just dash, counter, teleport, jump out of it. And even when a hero without any escapes, will be able to simply walk out of it before getting the whole damage from the Goo. It doesn't make the ultimate bad, it makes a wide place for a mistake.

But what is more essential, Lucie's Roll is extremely important for her kit, as it helps her with the mobility problem. Four Rolls are much more valuable than a single ultimate (Crippling Goo), that is why I don't remember when I used it for the last time.

Moreover, two Lucia's "EX abilities" have enough power for changing a game. You have EX-Toxic Bolt , which imposes a snare and a delayed area burst damage, also you have EX-Panic Bolt, that imposes a 3.4 seconds Pertify. Generally, between Roll, EX-Panic Bolt and EX-Toxic Bolt, Lucie has no sense of using Crippling Goo.

Example: Croak


There is quite a different situation with Croak. In his case he has a very strong ultimate that is a very easy-to-hit dash , that is why it forces opponents to waste their escapes or deal with the huge damage. It is hard to use, however, the risk is justified.

Ex-Camouflage-Croak's skill that is considered as one of the best EXes in the game. It gives 2.5 seconds of invisibility with 3.5 seconds Incap, and then it gives another 2.5 seconds of invis and 1 second of stun. Summary it is 5 seconds of invis and 4.5 seconds of disables from a single ability. And it costs only one energy block.

The other two skills are useful, but not so surprising: EX-Toxin Muck becomes a single-target missile that Blinds, that can help you in PVP versus other melee heroes.

On the opposite to the Lucie, that feels defective without using her EXes, Croak is much versatile. You can play without EXes and still be very useful on the battlefield.

Example: Varesh


Varesh is among that small number of heroes, that can easily be at the top of capacity, without using EXes.

Varesh "problems" are that his EXes are very situational, and his ultimate is extremely good.

Ex-Hand of Judgement casts faster, heals, gives an additional debuff, however, at the same time deals less damage. As for me, it doesn't cost 25% of energy. And the same situation with EX-Shatter that can be a great ability, however only if you would lay it in the right way, that is not so easy due to the long delay. And it is too hazard to waste 25% of energy.

His Reform (R slot), is his most useful EX, because of all that extra mobility, however, it still is not as useful as Lucie's Roll (0.3 seconds versus 0.1 casting time and Lucie also earns a battlerite that can reduce the cooldown by 5 seconds). In theory, it sounds good, but in practice, it doesn't worth the energy.

And it is normally because his ultimate is so good that you will use it as quick as the cooldown fades away, especially if you know how to land triple-hits each time. Each usage of EX delays the ultimate, that is why I don't use them playing this hero.

Begin using your EX abilities!

If you didn't know about "EX abilities", and you thought that you could do much more, but a simple gameplay, without using EX abilities don't allow you to demonstrate all that you can, so it is a great opportunity for you to use them in the next game. And also it will "plug all holes" in your favorite heroes.