CROAK. Tips and tricks. Battlerite Guide

Today we will talk about Croak. This is “hit and run” character. It this article I’m gonna explain basic abilities, how to use them, how to stick targets, how to deal damage and which battlerites to choose

Croak Abilities

Blade Flurry – is your primary damage. You have 4 attacks, after that, your attacks started really slowly. That’s why I call this character “hit and run” because you need to recharge Blade Flurry using another abilities or run. You should avoid the battle at least 3 seconds because Blade Flurry recharging time 3 seconds.

Abilities that can recharge Blade Flurry – Frog Leap, Camouflage.
Ex Abilities that can recharge Blade Flurry – Deceit.

Frog Leap – allows you to jump. If you jump in front of your enemy then you deal 18 damage. Can be recast in 1.8 sec, don’t ignore that possibility, try to use Frog Leap twice. The best way to use it: deal 4 attacks with Blade Flurry then jump on the same or another enemy, deal 4 attacks and then jump again to make 4 attacks.

Camouflage – makes you invisible and increases movement speed by 20%. Blade Flurry made from Camouflage inflicts stun for 1 second. One of the most powerfull skills that Croak has.

Toxin Muck – poison grade. Instantly makes 6 damage and heals you for 6 HP. Toxin additionally makes 8 damage and heals you for 8 HP.
Tip – use Toxin Muck when enemies use abilities at themselves. At this moment they don’t move or move slower, so it will be easy to hit.

Noxious Lunge – basically it’s a gap closer. Deals 10 damage to the enemy. Also, you can use it to avoid some attacks.

Toxin Blades – you have 6 Blade Flurry attacks instead 4. Gives you 2 bonus damage, heal you for 2 health, and inflict Toxin. Cost 1 energy. 
Tip – don’t use too much. Better save your energy for Ultimate. Toxin Muck is free and gives you same effect, so use Toxin Muck more.

Venom Wind – Ultimate ability. Dashes for a long distance and makes 18 + 38 damage. Can be used on multiple targets.

Croak Ex Abilities

Ex abilities are good alternatives to your basic abilities and I recommend to use them.
Sludge Spit – reduces sight range by 80% and makes 10 damage.
Tip – very powerful against range enemies. Use Sludge Spit, the enemy can’t see you from some distance, so use Camouflage and catch your target.

Deceit – probably the most powerful ability Croak has. Makes you really fast – movement speed increased by 30%. Incapacitate target with the first hit for 3 seconds, and turns you into Camouflage.
Tip 1 - during the battle hit 2 targets with Incapacitate and another with Stun, meanwhile, your teammates dealing damage or destroying the orb. It gives a lot of advantages for your team. Use this skill more.
Tip 2 – cooperate with a teammate to focus on the same target. Great combo Croak + Jade. Incapacitate your target as long as you can and then stun your target, at this moment Jade cast Snipe. So you can make a lot of damage. Croak inflicts 40 damage with Deceit and Jade 38 with Snipe, 78 damage in total.


First round 

Spit Spit Spit, Noxious Reaction, Venom Strike

I prefer to use Spit Spit Spit or Venom Strike.
Spit Spit Spit – allows you to use Toxin Muck twice. So you can make extra damage and extra heal. If you don’t have a healer in the team, this ability would be very useful.
Tip – now you are able to use Sludge Spit twice or Sludge Spit + Toxin Muck.
Venom Strike – makes 10 extra damage with Camouflage. Nice option if you focus on healers such as Pearl or Lucie, because it is usually hard to kill them.

Second round

Mending Toxin, Twin Strikes, Cut To The Chase
All three battlerites are great. I prefer Twin Strikes the most.

Mending Toxin – gives you extra 8 hp per heal with Toxin.
Tip – great survival combo Mending Toxin + Spit Spit Spit.

Twin Strikes – Frog leap causes 2 Blade Flurry makes 4 additional damage.

Very useful tip – now you can really fast destroy the orb. With this battlerite you need to use Frog Leap dealing 18 damage to the orb and 3 times Blade Flurry 12, 12, 8 damage. So in total, you deal 50 damage (1 Blade flurry left for extra 8 damage) this exactly what you need because orb has 50 HP. Use this tip, and your team will always have an advantage. This orb gives +10 Real HP, +10 Recovery HP, and +25 Energy to you and your teammates. If you the last one who survives then it gives you +25 Real HP, +25 Recovery HP, and +50 Energy.

Cut To The Chase – increase movement speed by 35% when you use Camouflage. When you use Deceit you even faster.
Tip – this battlerite useful when you can’t catch your enemy. Poloma has many ways to escape, so this battlerite is what you need.

Third round

Jungle Toad, Trickery, Frog Frenzy

I usually use Jungle Toad.
Jungle Toad – after Frog Leap hits heals 14 HP. It’s really good option, which gives you an opportunity to play more aggressive.

Fourth round 

Crippling Poison, Slayer, Recuperate

Crippling Poison – I suppose it is the best option among others. The Toxin will reduce the movement speed of the target by 12%.

Fifth round 

Leeching Venom, Momentum

Momentum – I think it is the most valuable option compared to Leeching Venom. This battlerite gives you after using Venom Wind 40% to movement speed for 4 seconds, which is awesome. Now you are able to stick to your target after ultimate.