Battlerite hotkeys. How to use EX abilities easier and faster

In this article, I will tell you the definition of EX ability and how to use them quickly with hotkeys. EX abilities are very useful during the battle, so it is very important to know them and to use. If you wanna know more about EX abilities then read "The way of working of, so called "EX abilities" and their benefit".

EX ability – it is your additional skill, it can be a new skill or upgraded normal skill. Each champion has EX abilities, just hold SHIFT and look at your skills bar, the highlighted skills is you EX abilities. All EX abilities need energy to be used.

Let`s see Rook normal skills and EX abilities. So, when you hold SHIFT, you see 2 new abilities.

Normal mode

Holding SHIFT


Change default hotkeys in battlerite

Sometimes when you moving and holding W and D, at the same time you want to cast EX ability SHIFT + Q (Q,E, or mouse click), so in that situations you need to hold 4 keys. Not pretty well. Moreover, your keyboard can be stopped to responding, because of many keys are used at the same time.

So, the best option in that situation is to change default combination to hotkeys. You need open Menu bar, then click Options and then find “Controls”. Look at section "EX abilities", here you can put your new hotkeys.


These hotkeys are ordered as your EX abilities appear. These means, that for Jade, "1" activates Snap Shot and "2" activates Smoke Veil. For Lucie "1" activates Deadly Injection, "2" activates Petrify bolt. The "R" skill never becomes EX ability, so you can’t activate these skill by hotkeys.

Because, champions could have only 2 EX abilities, that’s why "3" and "4" keys are not used at the moment.

That’s all you have to know about hotkeys and how they can make your gameplay better.